Saturday, April 7, 2012

Heading to Atlanta

Well, this morning we took off to Atlanta, GA, but not before we had a couple of "adventures". First, there was a screw in the tire so Del got up this morning to get it fixed and I told him that I could take care of packing up the trailer. The first thing I did was the sewer.... you know do the worse first... well I am dumping the tanks only to realize that the sewer hole is higher than the trailer outlet which means that every once in a while I have to raise the hose by starting on one end and working my way to the dump... not horrible, just a long time, but it got done. Then when I raised the jacks, I couldn't get my socket off of one of them so I had to play with that one for about 10 minutes. Next was the awning... you have to make sure that the awning is centered otherwise, you will have to pull back out and start over... which I did. Oh and lets not forget the pine cone stuck up in the slide that I had to climb on the dinette chair to knock off. All together, it took about 2 hours, the whole time I am thinking "dang... where's Del".

Turns out he was having his own issue. Walmart wouldn't fix the tire, so he had to keep looking for places. Turns out he had to about 20 miles into Savannah proper to get it done. I was actually done before he was. So he gets home and we put the hitch on, hook up the trailer and leave. Oh wait... lets not forget the blonde moment I had...LOL. Delbert asked me to make him some coffee when he was on his way home. He drinks the Starbucks via so all I had to do was heat up the water. I plug in the water kettle and waited...and waited... and waited... then I realized.. I unplugged the power.. DUH

OK so we get on the road and the trip was very uneventful with one exception. We put the address in the GPS and followed it... followed it to a gravel road that didn't connect to the other side where the campground really was. Luckily, we didn't have to turn around and the road finally turned back into a paved road that we were able to work our way around and get onto the other side, but we are here and safe and all set up. Going into Atlanta tomorrow. Hoping to see the Carter Library along with other sites.

You can view videos at Delbert's Videos on YouTube.

Gotta run.....

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