Thursday, August 2, 2012

Little House in De Smet

I made it. I got to the Ingalls Homestead in the town of De Smet, SD. So cool to know that Laura use to live here. The town of DeSmet keeps here memory alive... Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Highway, Laura Ingalls Wilder Pagent Society, Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society and Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary school are all there. The Homestead sits about a mile or two from De Smet. 

Laura was born in Pepin, WI. She moved with her family from Pepin, WI to Independence, KS to Walnut Grove, MN to Burr Oak, IA back to Walnut Grove, MN to De Smet, SD where Pa, Ma and Mary stayed the rest of their lives. Laura, of course, married Almanzo and moved to Mansfield, MO.

The first winter in De Smet (1879-80),  the Ingalls stayed in the Surveyor's house below. Laura wrote about this house in the book, "By the Shores of Silver Lake".

Pa built the house below in 1887 and it is the last home for him, Ma and Mary. This is the original location and they have it filled with original items of the Ingalls family.

After viewing this house, we went to the cemetery to visit the grave sites of Pa, Ma, Mary, Carrie, Grace (with her husband) and Baby boy Wilder.

This was such an awesome trip and it was so nice to hear so much about Laura and her family.

Well we head to North Dakota on Saturday and the Twin Cities, Minnesota on Sunday for the week.

You can view videos at Delbert's Videos on YouTube.

Gotta run.....

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