Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thanksgiving in Albuquerque, NM

OK. Our first stop will be Albuquerque, NM for Thanksgiving with my sister in law. I don't know if we could have had worse weather. We left Las Vegas, cold and raining. We seemed to be following the storm and as we continued across I-40, we hit the snow. We were suppose to stay the night in Flagstaff for the night and continue to Albuquerque the next day, but with the snow we just kept driving to get off the mountain. We stayed the night in Holbrook, AZ. We were there just before dark and really only set up and grabbed dinner.... not much snow, just a dusting. We ate at a Mexican restaurant called Joe & Aggies Cafe on US66. What a need place. Apparently, Holbrook, AZ is the town that "Cars" was about. Story goes that John Lasseter (director) would sit and talk with one of the owners about the way it use to be before I-40 came to be. There are even signed sketches from the movie on their wall. Good food too. First introduction to Sopapillas... YUMMMMMM

Woke up the next morning to snow. Had to scrap off our slide awnings of all the snow before it would close. Finally got all of the slides in and off we go to Albuquerque. We stayed in the truck tracks most of the way and really questioned if we were going to make it. I-40 was closed going into Texas and wasn't sure how far that closure was going to go, but we made it. We stayed at American RV Park which was nice and thankfully the snow had stopped and we just needed it to melt. Bad part was that we still got below freezing and had to disconnect the water every night.

Del and I are big race fans and one of the cool things here was the Al Unser museum. This is actually 2 museums in one. The first is what I would call a normal racing museum... some race cars, engines, tires, etc. The second one is Unser's private collection of cars... totally awesome.

One of the other things we saw while in Albuquerque was a couple of hot air balloons. Although it was not really the season for them and it was really cold, there were a couple of brave souls out there. This one was just getting ready to take off. They are sooooo pretty and colorful. In the fall, they have a hot air balloon festival. Would love to see that someday.

One of the things that New Mexico is known for is their chiles. New Mexico cuisine has some of the best flavors. Definitely try it if you get here.

Well our next stop is Oklahoma City, OK.

You can view videos at Delbert's Videos on YouTube.

Gotta run.....

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