Sunday, May 6, 2012

Raleigh/Durham North Carolina

Well folks, I am a little behind on my blog updates. Last week (April 30-May 4) we were in the Raleigh Durham area. We got to see one of Delbert's friends from work and had dinner with him and his girlfriend at the Pit, a really good BBQ place. We also took in the sites of the Raleigh area including the capitol and Duke University and of course a trip to Durham isn't complete without going to see a Bulls game: they won... We had great seats, 3rd row behind home plate, but the pictures stink because of the netting. We had a great time. We stayed in a place that was nice and had huge spots. In no way was it a resort or anything like that, just lots of trees, large lots, great wi-fi and cable. There sure seemed to be a lot of universities in the area though. The campground was actually in the Chapel Hill area about 15 miles or so from Raleigh. We had a great time.

Check out my blog for the next place... we are heading to Mayberry... ok Mt Airy, which is the home to Andy Griffith.

You can view videos at Delbert's Videos on YouTube.

Gotta run.....

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