Tuesday, May 15, 2012

West Virginia

We left Mt. Airy, NC and headed north to Charleston, WV for the remainder of the week. We actually stayed in Milton, WV about 30 west of Charleston at the KOA. Very pretty KOA with large sites. 

One of the things I noticed about traveling is that every Walmart has memorabilia from the local colleges. Well this one was no exception. Turns out that Marshall University is just west of here. You may remember this if you watched the movie, We Are Marshall. It was a true story about a college that lost their varsity football team, staff, and other people when their chartered plane crashed on approach to the airport. We didn't go to see it, but its interesting how things jog your memory.

Anyways, we stayed here until Saturday, as usual. Went to a really good Japanese steak house, saw a movie and went roaming their mall. 

You can view videos at Delbert's Videos on YouTube.

Gotta run.....

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