Sunday, March 11, 2012

To Mobile and beyond

What a day.....I always hate the time change. We got up this morning and headed out to Mobile, AL for our weekend excursion. We drove out as far as Dauphin Island. Really neat place. Went to a place called Fort Gaines. As we were getting out to explore the fort, Delbert says... "Nancy, wait" and he was looking at my butt... As a woman, all I could think of was I had blood on my pants, but I knew it couldn't be that because that hadn't happened in about 8 years... he then continues... "You have busted out your pants"... Good thing I had on a long T-Shirt to cover it. When I finally got home and looked, it was a huge area.... 

Anyways, we drove around a bit and then went to the Battleship Memorial Park, home of the USS Alabama. They were closed already, but you could drive in and see the items. They had all kinds of things: War memorials, planes, tanks and of course the USS Alabama battleship.

From there, we headed back home to Foley, AL. We were going to have dinner at a place called Lambert's Cafe, home of the throwed rolls.... and yes, they really do throw the rolls at you. They also come around with practical jokes. The way it works is you get your meal and then there are certain things on the side that they walk around and bring to your table: Fried Okra, Black Eyed Peas, Apple Butter, and Fried Potatoes. Every once in a while they will try to fool you.... ie... tell you it is fried okra and when they reach in they pull out a stuffed squirrel or the one that got Delbert was she was bringing him a refill on his sweet tea and she pretended to trip and spill it on him... now mind you... this is just a made up pitcher like they would use to decorate a model home... not real but he sure jumped... I laughed so hard. Now I have never seen so much food in my life... This was just a plate of food. This was Pork Steak, Country Ham and Hog Jowl, which is like a really thick bacon. It was really good and we brought home a lot of leftovers and this was just my plate. Maybe this is why my pants are splitting... HEHEHEHE

Well I moaned my way back to the car and we headed home. As I took Buddy out for his walk tonight and the stars were shining so bright, I was reminded that it really is the simple things in life that make it all worth it.

You can view videos at Delbert's Videos on YouTube.

Catch ya next time... I'm on the run

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